Time To Toss The Mid Level Label

The term “mid-level provider” which some use to refer and describe Nurse Practitioners is no longer acceptable. The term most likely originated from the DEA’s use of the term in grouping together providers other than physicians who are permitted to dispense controlled substances in Pursuant to Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 1300.01(b28).  Medicare uses the term “non physician practitioner” to describe Nurse Practitioners.

Nurse Practitioners (NP) practice at the highest level of their education and training, are Master’s and Doctorate prepared, and practice in a variety of specialties, roles and clinical settings. NP’s practice at the highest level of their education and training and provide high quality health care. There is nothing mid level about it. It is insulting to health care professionals and to the patients they care for.

“Mid-level” gives the impression of mediocre, middle of the road, average. What impression does that give patients? That they are getting only mid level care. How about telling parents that their child will be seen by the mid-level. This is ridiculous. Research has shown that NP’s have patient care outcomes equal to our physician colleagues.

It is time that we educate our colleagues, co-workers, administrators, recruiters and human resources staff in a professional manner that the term “mid-level” is no longer acceptable.  I for one am comfortable with ” Nurse Practitioner” or “Advance Practitioner”

What are your thoughts? Comments? Are you “mid-level”?


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